Batangas is among the busiest tourist destinations esp. during summer. Nestled along the perimeter of Batangas are hundreds of resorts and each offering tempting value for a night or two of stay- whether you come in a group or just twosome. T
here are several beach resorts that I would gladly recommend to my readers....
Canyon Cove Resort Hotel. Canyon Cove is a nice place to stay. If you love outdoor activities, you'll surely head home later satisfied. They have a huge pool next to the beach area, where you could enjoy your swim to the max. If you are into kayaking or diving, simply inform the Front Desk clerks to get more info and instructions.
Another place to visit is Punta Fuego. However, you need to call their office before heading for this resort as they have certain rules and deals for visiting non-members.  The food in Punta Fuego resto is superb and the beach area is not as grand as that of Canyon Cove's but I would describe it! They have these cozy nicely designed concrete cabanas along the beach area where you could spend all day enjoying the sea view and cocktails in bliss. They also have a nice huge pool located next to their cozy restaurant for their visiting guests to enjoy! Hola amigos y amigas. Vamos!
Next to visit is Matabungkay Beach Resort.... Matabungkay has been in operation for several decades now. Which means, they have become experts in this line of business.  Lucky Guests!!